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Our Digital Canberra projects aim to accelerate the development of a high growth digital economy. This will assist us to better engage with citizens, be more open and transparent and deliver services more efficiently to meet the needs of our highly educated community. Collaborative partnerships will be the key to success and to accelerating the use of the digital economy.

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Getting the best out of business in the ACT

Too much information can be overwhelming.

Making it so people can act on information… so they get notified of what’s important without being overwhelmed… see what’s going on and act on it… that’s where the value is." Bill Gates - 2008
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Our Partners

How to engage the new customer

The customer has changed. How do you engage with the new digital customer? Use the new set of tools that allow you to reach out through social media and content marketing and find out how you to stay ahead of the new game. Seats are limited, so register now for the free workshop.  

Global Learning and Organisational Development

Global Learning is an organisational development company, working for a diverse range of public and private sector organisations. This work is mainly in Australia, but has also taken the business into New Zealand, Europe and Asia. How do you describe your business? We help organisations get the most out of their people. We develop and facilitate programs and workshops to...
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Rise to the Challenge

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Digital Canberra Challenge is an initiative that aims to engage Canberra’s brightest minds to help build and support a dynamic, healthy and prosperous Smart City for the 21st century.



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